Faster self-drilling screws for thicker wall brackets

EJOT optimises floating and fixed points for connecting component assemblies of up to 7.0 mm

The specifications for an optimal building insulation are increasingly tightened by the legislator. Building owners must use thicker insulating materials on the facade in order to meet increasing energy requirements. Thicker insulating materials go along with corresponding fastening systems: If 3 mm-thick wall brackets used to be enough in the past, wall brackets of 4 to 5 mm are needed today.

Maximum flexibility

For fastening aluminium or stainless steel wall brackets to substructures made of aluminium support profiles for rear-ventilated facades according to DIN 18516-1, EJOT has optimised the floating and fixed point screws. In future, component assemblies of 3.1 to 7.0 mm can be covered with only two screws. For the contractor, this means a maximum flexibility when using the new screws. The new test certificate P-BWU02-148004 is based on these screws which are both available in A2 stainless steel and A4 stainless steel.

New production process makes screws even faster

The stainless steel screws are produced in a new production process. This results in much more aggressive drill points. The contractor will appreciate this benefit especially for applications that allow only low axial pressure during the drilling process.