EJOT Approval tool

The EJOT approval tool is a database vision of the European technical approval ETA 10/0200 and ETA 13/0177 and of the national approvals Z-14.1-4 and Z-14.4-779.

The approval tool provides the user with the option for using a variety of applications as well as the entry of various benchmark data to determine an approved fastener. The program provides also the direct output of the appropriate authorization values (characteristic shear and characteristic pull out force).

Compare different EJOT products for selected application and select the optimal fastener. The approval tool provides a special service with a direct link to the EJOT online shop where you can order the choosen products directly. Work has never been easier!

        Easy to use
        Photorealistic illustration of different applications
        Now everybody can read an ETA
        Two steps to the right annex
        No longer ETA paper work

We are currently revising and updating the approval assistant for you.

We look forward to seeing you again shortly!