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Self-tapping screws

The EJOT self-tapping screws form the thread in a pre-drilled hole. They feature a coarse or fine pitch thread. At the bottom of the screw, there is a dog point or a rolled point, depending on the application. The self-tapping screws are completed by an optional pre-assembled sealing washer. The EJOT self-tapping screws are all-purpose screws.

Wide application range: For components made of steel, timber, aluminium

The JA3/JB3/JZ3 screws are made of high-quality A2 stainless steel and are suitable for steel, aluminium and timber components.

To avoid that your building projects take a bath: The EJOT CORREMAKS® JA1/JZ1 for highly corrosive environments

You are looking for a fastening solution for indoor swimming pools or chemical plants? The JA/JZ1 self-tapping screws are the reliable experts when it comes to building projects in highly corrosive environments. The JA1/JZ1 feature the material class stainless steel HCR - 1.4529 and have thus the highest corrosion-protection class.