EJOT Taiwan - Service


Container Consolidation

Eliminate "less-than-containerload shipments" and reduce freight costs

If you combine “less-than-containerload” shipments to full containers you can easily reduce seafreight cost per pallet and customs handling costs by up to 70%.
Our service:

  • Consolidate several shipments of your suppliers into one container and arrange shipment to your preferred forwarder.
  • Arrange one combined customs declaration.
  • Provide all necessary documentation to your forwarder as well as

to your suppliers.


Quality Inspections

Detect quality risks at the point of purchase and reduce supply chain bottlenecks

By moving incoming inspections to the point of purchase you reduce costs for QC testing at your own head quarter´s operation. Quality issues are detected and solved at a much earlier stage in your supply chain process.

Our Service:

  • Quality tests in accordance with the EJOT QC standards.
  • Adaptation of test design according to customer specific requirements.


Supplier Development

Take advangage of a longterm reliable supply chain

Development of new suppliers as well as technical improvement of production processes in your existing supplier base sometimes take much time and effort. Reduce travel expenses, avoid misunderstandings, accelerate your company´s supplier development!

Our Service:

  • Pre-selection and initial visit to potential new suppliers, including first evaluation.
  • Technical assistance and know-how to solve long-term problems in production and process management.


Purchase Management

Reduce your costs and administration and combine it with EJOT's long sourcing experience in Asia

Sourcing in Asia is a complex task that offers opportunities and risks. You can benefit from the valuable resources and experiences of EJOT´s Purchase Management and generate significant advantages in your Asian sourcing.
Our Service:

  • Strategic purchasing
  • Price negotiations
  • Supplier monitoring and evaluation